About BC Eco Forestry Solutions

Get to know about BC Eco Forestry Solutions, a company that cares about our local environmental impact and sensible forest management for generations to come.

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BC Eco Forestry Solutions is a growth-oriented fibre processing and management company. Founded in 2008, we sought to fill the demand for custom chipping due to mill closure and curtailment resulting from global recession.

For over 15 years, we have expanded our operations to serve the growing demands of our British Columbia and Alberta clients with mobile large-scale chipping and grinding operations, forestry consulting, screening, road building/maintenance and equipment rental.

BC Eco Forestry Solutions, along with partner Sutherland Group Companies Sutco Transportation fulfill the full forestry life cycle from planning to harvesting, chipping to transport.

A Sutherland Group Company – Rooted in Values, Promised through Commitments

Our Core Values

As a Sutherland Group Company, BC Eco Forestry Solutions is rooted in core values and a strong mission internally, with team members, partnerships and community initiatives.

Curious & Adaptable

Encouraging curiosity and adaptability in our team members allows us to stay progressive and deliver unmatched value to our clients. Rigid, static practices have no place at The Sutherland Group, where innovation starts with the proactive search for a better way.


We strive to develop strong, longstanding partnerships founded in trust with every one of our clients and team members. At the Sutherland Group we honour our commitments and aren’t afraid to take ownership for any missteps. Each member of our team understands the importance of following through on commitments, staying true to our word, and being a dependable partner.

Humbly Confident

At The Sutherland Group we are confident in our knowledge of the industry and the intricacies involved in each of our offerings, but are humbled in the fact that while our teams are highly-skilled, we are all human and far from all-knowing.

Better Together

We know that the greatest and most rewarding success comes when we work together. As such, we are dedicated to maintaining ongoing teamwork across our network of companies to ensure the success of our organization, our team members, our partners, and our community as a whole.

Make It Happen

We are committed to delivering as promised, and through years of experience we know that obstacles and setbacks are inevitable. At the Sutherland Group, we come with solutions and are expert problem-solvers. It’s never a matter of if we will overcome, but how.

BC Eco Forestry Solutions Environmental and Community Impact

Environmental & Community Impact

Since its inception, BC Eco Forestry Solutions has created over 1.5 million tonnes of fibre from low value fibre and slash piles creating jobs from what otherwise would have been burned. We continuously aim to achieve maximum fibre recovery to fulfill our commitment of reducing the environmental impact.